the intelligent investor book review must read before buyingThe Intelligent Investor written by Benjamin Graham is one of the most renowned books of investing. This is one of the best and must read books for those interested in becoming better investors. The Intelligent Investor is one of most treasured and highly recommended books for all investors.

This book provides the reader with step by step instructions on how to invest based on the amount of time you want to you wish to commit. It will open your eyes to a new world and give you a different perspective on investing and the stock market.

This book is not a “Get Rich Fast” book. It is a book that will guide to build wealth slowly and will teach you to maintain it as well. It will teach you how to beat the market over and over again. It will not give you specific stocks to pick, but it will teach you how to find the best stocks. The Intelligent Investor has been known to a guide that many of the greatest investors i.e. Warren Buffett, have vouched for over and over again.

To any young investor,The Intelligent Investor should be the first book you read if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the principles surrounding value investing. The book will give you the principles and values needed to be cautious, patient and give you the tools to develop self-management skills needed to become a successful investor.

“By far the best book on investing ever written.” (Warren Buffett)

“If you read just one book on investing during your lifetime, make it this one” (Fortune)

“The wider Mr. Graham’s gospel spreads, the more fairly the market will deal with its public.” (Barron’s)

You may find this book hard to read as it does contain some historical text and a different writing style that most will not be familiar with. You will find yourself having to re-read sentences or paragraphs, however, once you begin to internalize the information presented in The Intelligent Investor you will begin to see a change in yourself and trading style. It is worth the time and energy investment.