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18 JunMorning Coffee: DOW set to drop in wake of trade tensions, BTC still floating within range

U.S. stock futures are losing ground Monday, putting the Dow industrials [stock_quote symbol=”DJI”] on track for a fifth losing session in a row as trade-war fears continued to weigh on global markets. However, housing data due out at 10 a.m. eastern time may provide some support for the equity markets. Viking Therapeutics (VKTX) and Alnylam (ALNY) are our picks for today.

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15 JunMorning Coffee: Trump focuses back to China, financials drop as tech soars, BTC and ETH are not securities

Stocks and Securities U.S. stock futures dropped on Friday as the U.S. government stepped up its trade war with China. The…

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11 JunMorning Coffee: Bitcoin tanks, US-Canada Trade Feud, Trump to meet Kim Jong Un and Feds to Increase rates?

Blockchain This weekend we saw the price of bitcoin drop more than 10%. Some suggest this was attributed to the hacking…

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14 MarA take-away lesson from the Sientra trade. Secondary Offerings / Private Placements = Sell

We all have this tendency to get emotionally attached to a company. I mean this is your baby! You’ve read all about them, you know every little detail about the company inside out, the little free time you have, you’re always checking stocktwits and reading people’s comments. You’re liking the ones that say positive things and usually end their comments with “BULLISH”, and you know what the company is on a fire recently! Analyst after analyst is increasing your stocks price targets and there is nothing in the world that anyone can say to you about your baby (your stock). You know what? Things are going so well, you’re going to double down with more shares and buy some long-term options on this stock, because there is nothing that is going to stop this locomotive. When you think that nothing could possibly happen, you get the news that the company has done a secondary offering.

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05 FebIf you own any cryptocurrency, you should sell now.

I have been feeling uneasy for the past few days looking at the crypto-market. I rarely like to sell when markets are going red, in fact it is a great time to buy. Why wouldn’t you want to buy something at a discount price right? However, I believe the discount will get much much better in the next coming week or so. This is not an attempt to spread fear, I am going to explain as why it would be smart to just wait on the sidelines for a few weeks or so before jumping back in.

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