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16 JulHitchhikers Guide to Becoming a Better Trader

DO YOU WANT TO BE A BETTER TRADER? You may be reading this because you have been in a rut. You…

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03 FebPsychology of RED

You can teach anyone how to read a chart, how to look at the fundamentals of a company, and even give you a decent evaluation of that company. Learning to trade is one thing, but the psychology of trading is a completely different beast. The psychological aspect of trading is one of the prominent reasons as though why I love the stock market. If you are the self-reflective type you can learn a lot about yourself and others. It is best to ask yourself questions such as why do you sell for a loss when you know that your research is sound, even if you may have jumped in at the wrong time, or why did you buy the stock at the wrong time? Was it because you ended up chasing? or did you think you had found the bottom? As part of the education section of the blog I am going to discuss some of the psychological aspects that play a role in our trading mentality. 

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what is a cryptocurrency


As any investing enthusiast, it is hard to turn a blind eye to the recent surge of cryptocurrency. Yet, at the same time one has to be skeptic towards the value and the impressive growth specific cryptocurrencies and their investors have come to enjoy in the past 3-4 years. It is hard to deny that even in the bullish market which has seen the S&P500 rise approx. 15% YTD, NASAQ rise approx. 30% YTD, DOW Jones Industrial rise approx. 19% YTD, the returns of those who invested in cryptocurrencies far outweigh those of stocks and futures.

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