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Sientra Inc. Update

Sientra Inc.(SIEN): Bound for a Significant Move, Our Price Target Increased.

We first wrote about Sientra Inc. on August 18th, 2017, in an article titled, “Sientra Inc. (SIEN): Turn Around Story Near Completion“, followed by another on June 3rd, 2018 titled, “Sientra Inc. (SIEN): Acquisition Around the Corner“. Since our initial report, Sientra Inc. is up about 100%, outperforming the S&P 500 by about 90%. We believe that, although Sientra Inc. has had such a successful 2018, there is still much room for growth and potential returns for  investors.


InsurEco Platform: Insurance solution for the 21st century

InsurEco platform is a blockchain-enabled, decentralized, end-to-end insurance software platform aiming bring value & savings to every segment of the insurance industry. Could they be the solution to the archaic and stagnant insurance industry?


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Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Earnings Analysis and Price Prediction

The S&P 500 lost 0.9% on Friday, with the pullback suggesting a natural consequence of an overreaction to this week's election spike. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.8%, the Nasdaq Composite lost 1.7%, and the Russell 2000 lost 1.8%. For the week, the S&P 500 advanced 2.1%. Aurora Cannabis (ACB) reported Monday fiscal first-quarter net earnings that rose to $105.5 million from $3.6 million a year ago, and from $79.9 million in the previous quarter. Total revenue rose 260% from a year ago and 55% from the previous quarter to $29.7 million, while cannabis revenue jumped 236% from last year and 65% from last quarter to $24.6 million. The average selling price per gram of dried cannabis grew 15% from a year ago to $8.39, while the cash cost per gram fell 12% to $1.90. For cannabis extracts, the net selling price per gram fell 26% to $12.12, while costs declined 22% to $1.45. Active registered patients rose 250% to 67,484.

Cannabis Stocks Soar as Jeff Sessions “Resigns”

The S&P 500 confidently finished with a gain of 2.1% on Wednesday with the benchmark index now up 6.4% since its close on October 29. Wednesday's advance follows the conclusion of U.S. congressional midterm elections that produced a split Congress. The prevailing assumption in the market was that a newly divided Congress would preserve market-friendly policies, namely the tax cut and deregulation efforts. U.S. President Donald Trump also mentioned on Wednesday bipartisan efforts to work with the Democrats in the House on infrastructure, trade, and lowering drug costs. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 2.1%, the Nasdaq Composite gained 2.6%, and the Russell 2000 gained 1.7%.

Stocks Continue to Struggle in light of Trade Concerns

Stocks fell on Friday following conflicting US China trade reports and softer-than-expected sales guidance from Apple (AAPL 207.48, -14.74, -6.6%). Futures rallied overnight on a Bloomberg report indicating U.S. President Trump asked his cabinet to draft a trade deal, but stocks eventually fell into negative territory after White House officials denied the report. The S&P 500 lost 0.6%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.4%, and the Nasdaq Composite lost 1.0%. Small caps outperformed, with the Russell 2000 adding 0.2%. All four major indices closed solidly higher for the week, adding between 2.4% and 4.3% apiece. Director of the United States National Economic Council Larry Kudlow confirmed in a CNBC interview that the cabinet was not asked by President Trump to draw up a trade plan for China. Later, as stocks traded at session lows, President Trump reiterated his belief to reporters that the U.S. will reach a trade deal with China. This led stocks to cut their losses in late afternoon trading.  

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Hitchhikers Guide to Becoming a Better Trader
July 16, 2018

DO YOU WANT TO BE A BETTER TRADER? You may be reading this because you have been in a rut. You…

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Psychology of RED
February 3, 2018

You can teach anyone how to read a chart, how to look at the fundamentals of a company, and even give you a decent evaluation of that company. Learning to trade is one thing, but the psychology of trading is a completely different beast. The psychological aspect of trading is one of the prominent reasons as though why I love the stock market. If you are the self-reflective type you can learn a lot about yourself and others. It is best to ask yourself questions such as why do you sell for a loss when you know that your research is sound, even if you may have jumped in at the wrong time, or why did you buy the stock at the wrong time? Was it because you ended up chasing? or did you think you had found the bottom? As part of the education section of the blog I am going to discuss some of the psychological aspects that play a role in our trading mentality. 

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what is a cryptocurrency
December 19, 2017

As any investing enthusiast, it is hard to turn a blind eye to the recent surge of cryptocurrency. Yet, at the same time one has to be skeptic towards the value and the impressive growth specific cryptocurrencies and their investors have come to enjoy in the past 3-4 years. It is hard to deny that even in the bullish market which has seen the S&P500 rise approx. 15% YTD, NASAQ rise approx. 30% YTD, DOW Jones Industrial rise approx. 19% YTD, the returns of those who invested in cryptocurrencies far outweigh those of stocks and futures.

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