You may be reading this because you have been in a rut. You may be reading this because what you have been doing so far hasn’t been working. You might be wondering how you can help grow your account. This article is a guide that can help you become better as a trader and an investor. It will be different from what you’ve heard or seen so far. It will give you a different perspective than what you are used to.

The purpose of this guide is to help you become an independent thinker. To help you develop skills and the mindset that will aid your development as a more confident trader or investor. It is easy to get lost in the massive amount of information provided to you. All the tweets, blog posts, analysts, CNBC, Bloomberg. Who do you trust? Who is dependable? What is worth knowing?

The answer to the questions above is simple. You must learn to become independent and rely only on yourself. Just like how you learned to not rely on your parents to walk. Just like how you took off your training wheels. At some point in life we all have to learn to become independent. You have to learn to stand on your own two feet. Know this. What everyone says or knows, isn’t worth your time. What everyone is thinking or doing, isn’t worth your efforts.

You have to do certain things differently than everyone else in order to outperform everyone else. Right? Most of us fit into the middle of the distribution curve. Meaning the majority of us are doing what is average. Recognize that in order to do better than everyone else, you have to learn to do certain things differently.

For the rest of this guide, I will attempt to describe certain investing behaviours that will help you to become a better investor. You may know some of these and you very well could be practicing some of these steps already. However, take the time to read through. If anything, this guide will at least help you as a refresher of key investing and trading practices.

These rules are a collection of rules followed by some of greatest traders and investors in history. Such as, Paul Tudor Jones, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Bill Ackman and many more.

Just remember,

Written by: Dr. Tiam Feridooni MD, PhD, BSc
Dr. Feridooni, graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in May, 2018. Prior to enrolling in medical school, he completed his Bachelor of Science with Honours in 2010 in Biochemistry. He then obtained his PhD at Dalhousie University in Pharmacology in 2014, with a focus around regenerative medicine and stem cell transplantation.
Dr. Feridooni has been published numerous high impact journals and has also co-authored a few books.
Dr. Feridooni has believes that blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize today’s healthcare system which he believes to be decades behind in accessing and storing medical information. His passion for medicine, technology and the financial markets lead to the foundation of Point Pleasant Park.

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