Bitcoin (BTC) has taken a significant beating in the recent months. Just last night we saw the price of Bitcoin (BTC) tank more than 5% on what seemed to be no reason at all. Technically speaking Bitcoin has been struggling to break out of this $6500 – $6800 range. We will not dwell into the details at though why, however, we do have a trading plan for our readers.

Generally, the low $6100 level has been strong support for Bitcoin (BTC), yet it is unclear whether that will hold to be true or not. Looking back we can see that Bitcoin (BTC) has bounced from $6100 to at least mid-$6000s to low $7000s. The space has been pretty boring in the last little while and we’ve come up with a play to make it a bit more exciting for our readers.

Bitcoin (BTC) chart | technical analysis


What is our Bitcoin (BTC) trade plan going forward?

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